Fashion jewelry shop business plan

Enter your desired income - we will show you how to achieve it with our jewelry on marketplaces, Instagram and offline

Net profit

Monthly desired income Enter how much you want to earn is dollars. 10 000 USD

Fashion jewelry market

Our bijouterie belongs to the average+ segment. This is a high-quality luxury jewelry with a beautiful presentation. Each collection is a fashion trend, with its own uniqueness and mood. Customers for one purchase buy not a single item, but on average TWO-THREE pieces!
Average retail price 17
Средняя цена закупки 350
Наценка в розницу 370 %
Средний чек (штук) 2.5 штуки
Средний чек в рублях 3 250

Amazon and other online-marketplaces

The main expense on marketplaces are: goods, logistic, packaging and promotion (incl. self-buying). Investment in advertising is minimal. The commission of the marketplace itself is about 20%. You do not need to spend money on content and certificates - we provide all documents and photos.
Объем продаж 996 000
Закупка товара 268 000
Расходы на рекламу 100 000
Комиссия маркетплейса 100 000
Daily and monthly sales in pieces:
Продаем штук В ДЕНЬ 26 pcs
Продаем и закупаем штук ЕЖЕМЕСЯЧНО 766 pcs


On Instagram you have to pay valuable amount for advertising. But Customers will make bigger purchases and repeat orders in future. Many who are interested in buying, but not ready to buy right now, will become your subscribers and purchase later.
Объем продаж в соцсетях 208 000
Ежемесячные закупки 56 000
Расходы на рекламу 52 000
Daily and monthly sales on Instagram in pieces:
Приводим КЛИЕНТОВ в ДЕНЬ 2
Продаем ШТУК в ДЕНЬ 5 pcs
Продаем и закупаем ежемесячно 160 pcs

Offline store / boutique

In an offline store, the main investments are made at the start: choosing a place, buying equipment and goods. At the same time, investments in advertising are practically zero. Rent payments are fixed. Rent payment (per month)
Арендная ставка 50 000
Объем продаж оффлайн 205 000
Ежемесячные закупки 55 000
Daily and monthly offline sales in pieces:
Покупок в ДЕНЬ 2
Продаем ШТУК в ДЕНЬ 5 pcs
Продаем и закупаем ЕЖЕМЕСЯЧНО 158 pcs

What's next?

We recommend to start business with our bestsellers. It is a part of our site that contains the most popular positions according to our statistics for the last 60 days. Among those products, just choose the ones that you like. So you combine statistics and own preferences. Wholesale access