Free book "Your own costume jewelry business"

Your own costume jewelry business - book by Alex Bondar Glozzo

With our costume jewelry, thousands of small entrepreneurs have opened their businesses being happy to do what they love.

This book, in a simple language, contains practical advice based on my personal practice and observations of our wholesale customers and competitors. Following these tips can multiply the likelihood of success of your costume jewelry business!

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Table of contents

This book contains 150 A4-format pages!

It is a unique ultimate guide for your costume jewelry business from scratch! 

The costume jewelry market and strategy

  • What does the costume jewelry market have in store for you?
  • Price segments
  • Is it profitable to sell costume jewelry?
  • Three strategies for your jewelry business
  • Competition in the costume jewelry market
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • What is the most profitable costume jewelry?

Where and how to start selling costume jewelry?

  • in a traditional offline store or fashion boutique;
  • on marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy);
  • in an online store on platforms like Shopify;
  • on social media, primarily on Instagram;
  • as an additional product in women's stores;
  • in beauty salons (manicures, cosmetology, grooming);
  • in wedding salons;
  • in your own online store on a separate website.

Sales of Costume Jewelry Offline

  • Sales funnel
  • Leverage on offline sales
  • Personnel requirements
  • A step-by-step plan for opening a costume jewelry store
  • How to choose a place?
  • Costume jewelry store business plan
  • How to sign a rental agreement?
  • Calculation of the initial investment

Your own costume jewelry business - book by Alex Bondar Glozzo

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Jewelry Sales on Marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, etc.)

  • Why sell on marketplaces?
  • Limitations of marketplaces
  • Sales funnel on the marketplace
  • How to increase the click-through ratio of listings in the directory?
  • GiveAway services
  • Advertising
  • SEO on marketplaces
  • Internal advertising on marketplaces
  • Listing design
  • Customer behavior patterns on marketplaces
  • 10 secrets of daily sales on Etsy

Selling costume jewelry on Instagram

  • How much costume jewelry is needed to sell on Instagram?
  • How to double the sales with the same budget?
  • Account preparation
  • Delivery terms and region
  • What kind of costume jewelry is sold on Instagram?
  • How to find trendy costume jewelry?
  • Ways to advertise costume jewelry on Instagram
  • Advertising your offline or online store on Instagram
  • The cost of advertising agencies' services
  • Instagram bloggers for a costume jewelry store

Assortment and supplies

  • Influence of assortment on sales 
  • How much costume jewelry should I buy for the store?
  • Price markups on costume jewelry
  • How to form a range of costume jewelry?
  • Costume jewelry store price groups
  • How many pieces of each product do I need?
  • In what proportions to purchase different categories?
  • Uniqueness or popularity?
  • Renew and restock the assortment
  • How to distinguish quality costume jewelry?
  • How do you know if costume jewelry is selling well?
  • How do I find a wholesale vendor?
  • How to check a wholesale vendor of costume jewelry?
  • Problems when buying cheap costume jewelry in China
  • Optimal approach to procurement

Your own costume jewelry business - book by Alex Bondar Glozzo

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Working with Clients

  • The main quality of a costume jewelry seller
  • Selling emotions
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Guarantee
  • What to do if the Customer saw your product cheaper?
  • What should I do if the Customer wants to make a return?
  • What should you do if the Customer demands a discount?
  • Get an opinion on the purchase

How do they make millions on costume jewelry?

  • How to make a sell-down event?
  • How to host Black Friday sale?
  • The most profitable promotion in the bijouterie store
  • How to purchase at a deep discount?
  • Doubling the purchase receipt
  • Collect Customer contacts
  • How to start a business from scratch?

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