The most profitable jewelry categories

Popular ring sizes

When starting the jewelry business from scratch there is always a question - what jewelry to buy for the first wholesale supply? We prepared the statistics for you!

The most popular jewelry categories

popular jewelry categories

To place your first wholesale order just pick the pieces according to this statistics!

Which wholesale jewelry to pick for 150 USD?

150 USD is around 25 pieces of jewelry.

Here is how your first supply for 150 USD may look like:

  • Necklaces - 10 items
  • Earrings - 7 items
  • Bracelets - 5 items
  • Rings - 3 items

Which styles to pick 300 USD?

Just multiply the amount on two:

  • Necklaces - 20 items
  • Earrings - 14 items
  • Bracelets - 10 items
  • Rings - 6 items

What's next?

After some time you'll have your own statistics of a customer demand, and you'll get your own proportion. But to start from scratch you can be sure to relay on our data

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